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Defining a new normal

May 7, 2015

We recently collaborated with text-only social network Boldomatic to find out what ‘a new normal’ means for the wider creative community. We wanted to see how our key phrase resonates with you!

Boldomatic, recently dubbed the ‘Instragram for text’, is an ever-growing platform for creative writers to spread their thoughts. While sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, we believe that words alone are just as powerful. Boldomatic illustrates this beautifully, stripping any statement to the bare minimum – its pure essence of text on plain background.

We launched a contest for all Boldomatic users to submit their association with creating ‘a new normal’ and were amazed at the number of submissions and the creativity that was shown by the community. Thank you everyone for your ideas and thoughts!
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The four most popular quotes are the winners and will receive a bag from our cor collection. Here they are:

Haddock inspired us with his quote to go
the extra mile for the new normal.
Winner 1
Carrying your new cor unity will show
others your new normal.
Living outside the box – rick69 thinks
like we do at ono!
Winner 2
Your new cor life will accompany you
outside the comfort zone!
We agree with JohannaBerlin, we
should lead by example!
Winner 3
We’ll send you a cor affection, to help
spread your happy spirit to others.
Juneocallagh submitted a quote about
love fitting with our cor collection.
Winner 4
Your cor connection protects your phone
until your next Boldomatic post.

Now stop and think. What does a new normal mean for you?