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Getting our products out there

June 15, 2015

Hello ono community!

It has been a while since we last posted something. That’s because our crowdfunding campaign ended, we had some internal changes in the team, are busy designing new bags and shirts and the high season is starting in Bali, so we are super busy delivering to shops.

And that is exactly what this post is about:
How do we get our products out there and where can you get them?

As you might have read on our website, our production is currently based in Bali (Indonesia), so for us the next step was to start selling our products right here in Bali. There are many cool and quirky stores all around Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu and Sanur and we approached them with samples. We were amazed again and again about the positive reactions we got from the stores about our products. Around eight months later we have a solid number of over 10 stores across southern Bali and the Gili islands that stock our cor collection, and around 5 that stock our damai collection. We plan to get more stores on board and possibly also sell in Jakarta in the future.

Of course this is not enough for us, and we started approaching stores in other countries as well. So far we found two stores in Germany and one in Singapore that were happy to sell our products. And we are planning to spread further in the near future. In fact, Bernadette is travelling to Europe at the end of the month to meet with stores in several countries to show them our creations. So if all goes according to plan by Christmas you all will have many more opportunities to get one of our bags or shirts.

We have been getting many inquiries about where to get our products and therefore we developed a store locator for the website. That way it’s easy for you to see where you can buy our stuff.

To see the list of stores, click  here

Since we do not want to keep you waiting quite that long, in the meantime we worked hard to finalise our very own online shop. We are happy to announce that starting today you will be able to buy ono products on our website from the comfort of your home!

Happy shopping everyone!